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CCH Credential Renewal -


Choose this option if you have achieved full certification and have been granted the CCH Credential.

Renewals paid after January 31, 2015 will automatically be charged a late fee.

For those who have achieved full certification, the credential of CCH may be used by the certificate holder. In order to maintain the CCH credential, the certificant must:

  • Verify completion of 20 continuing education credits (please see Continuing Education page)
  • Attest that he/she is continuing to demonstrate high standards of ethics and homeopathic practice according to the CHC's Policies and Guidelines
  • Pay an annual fee of $145.00 and ensure the CHC has current contact and practice information

To renew please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Submit the Renewal Agreement and Continuing Education Documentation from the renewal packet.

These documents need to be sent to the CHC office either by mail, fax or email.

Step 2: Pay the renewal fee of $145.00 plus applicable late fee (After 1/31/15 $25 late fee; After 2/28/15 $75 late fee)

Note: In order for your renewal to be complete we must receive your documentation of Continuing Education information, the Signed Renewal Agreement, and the Renewal fee payment.  Please contact the CHC office if you have any questions regarding this process.


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