Continuing Education

Practitioners certified by the CHC must complete a minimum of 20 continuing education units (CEU’s) each calendar year. Up to 5 of these can come from non-homeopathic medical training. This training should be post-foundational, and you must provide documentation for each CEU being reported.

Following is a list of ways in which you can obtain these units, as well as values for each:

Hours CEUs
Attendance at a homeopathic conference or seminar 1 1
Post-graduate homeopathic training 1 1
Teaching homeopathy (at a school/college or study group) 1 2
Giving a presentation at a homeopathic conference or seminar 1 3
Supervising or being a mentor to a homeopath or homeopathic student 1 2
Published review of a homeopathic book/seminar (1,000 words)
Published homeopathic article in a professional journal
Published homeopathic book/manual 14
Conducting or supervising a homeopathic proving 14

Homeopathic research

Other medical training (up to 5 hours)